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How to log in to your devices without passwordsYour browser indicates if you've visited this link

Both Windows and macOS support various biometric security options now for logging in to your user account ... recognition set up. Windows Hello is the name Microsoft gives you password-free ...

This Week's New Theatre Jobs - Sales, Development, Teaching, Internships, Box Office Jobs & MoreYour browser indicates if you've visited this link

Posting listings in the Classifieds Section is totally FREE for basic listings, and our listings now include career help including accounting, taxes, designers, help wanted featuring full time ...

Fed's Hsu Officially Lined Up As Acting OCC ChiefYour browser indicates if you've visited this link

U.S. Department of the Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Friday that she is designating Hsu, a bank supervision official at the Federal Reserve, to become first ... D-Ohio, who chairs the ...

The best cute Christmas sweaterYour browser indicates if you've visited this link

The design is set against ... Finding the right size for a cute Christmas sweater can be tricky. This is because people often want to layer a shirt under the sweater, especially if it's a ...

Brace yourselves. Facebook has a new mega-leak on its handsYour browser indicates if you've visited this link

A Facebook representative didn't respond to a question asking ... log here, I'm getting a significant amount of results from them. If I have a look at the output file, you can see I have a user ID ...


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Ways to Tell If Your Login or Passwords Have Been Stolen

Weak passwords and saving them in an online password manager or browser aren't adequate. In the event that your password has been compromised, you need to be able to respond quickly enough to reset it before your personal information is at risk. So, here's how. For a while now, millions of email and password combinations have been exposed to the internet as a result of the huge Collections breaches of 2019. It was difficult for users at the time to determine if they were genuinely at risk. There are a lot of them. There are password monitoring services that can tell you whether your password has been compromised. A large number of them are designed so that you may make changes rapidly. Why your browser's built-in password manager isn't up to par To celebrate World Password Day, here are 5 worrisome statistics. Email breaches can be revealed using basic services The Hass-Platner-Institut in Potsdam, Berlin, and HaveIBeenPwned are two credible services to check this information. Your email address is required in both cases, not a password, and the email address will be cross-referenced against a database of known security breaches. It's a PC World exclusive deal! It's possible to save up to 69 percent on Norton 360 Premium. It's hard to deny the appeal of either service. In part, this is due to HaveIBeenPwned's reputation for attracting people who desire to broadcast their attacks. For example, your gender will be listed together with any breaches that your email address has been a part of. Your gender or phone number, for example—are examples of personal information. However, the site groups data breaches based on which services were compromised, not by date. Why does this matter? Your password is likely to have changed if, for example, your email was exposed in a data breach in 2016. If, however, your email address and password were compromised last month, you'll want to replace them immediately. Although HaveIBeenPwned provides a lot of data, it could be better arranged. You may check if your friends and family have been hacked by visiting, which also publishes breach information for any email address. HPI's service is distinct. Each breach is listed in chronological order with a matrix of what data was compromised. An email address entered on the site will receive a security report, along with color-coded graphs indicating what data is at risk, and from which breachprivacy checker for hpi Hass-Platner-Institut Hass-Platner-Institut When you send an email to HPI, you'll receive a matrix of what information has been released, sorted by most recent. Password monitoring is now available for free in most browsers. However, neither of the above services will tell you if a non-email username, such as "billg," has been compromised. Here, you'll want a trusted provider that knows you, as well as your chosen passwords. If you want to "verify" your passwords, don't go chasing random sites—stick with a few trusted names. However, most password managers charge a fee for password monitoring, which does not apply to password managers within a web browser.) Google Password Checkup Earlier this year, Google released a free browser extension for Chrome that alerted you if your email address or password had been compromised once you'd signed into a compromised site. Earlier this year, Google began automatically checking passwords for security breaches, and as of Chrome 79, it began monitoring your online activity to prevent you from being "phished," or tricked into giving your password under false pretences, according to Google. password checker for google chrome inline "IDG's" Mark Hachman A useful dashboard shows if your password has been hacked in Google's Password Checker. By visiting and authenticating yourself, Google's online Password Checkup is now available to you! shows which passwords have been leaked in security breaches, which have been copied across several sites, and which may be improved with more complicated passwords to avoid being readily cracked if a breach were to occur. There are also buttons on the website themselves to change the passwords. You can use Google to save your passwords but only if you've used Google to store them. Firefox Lockwise As part of Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Lockwise operates in a slightly different way. It doesn't provide the same recommendations about redundant and weak passwords as Google does, but its password monitoring service works similarly. As far as I can tell, it works regardless of whether you've saved a password in Firefox or imported one from another browser. Although it's similar to Google, it requires that you store your password in the browser. Type about:logins in the Firefox URL bar to get to Lockwise. Edited by Mark Hachman for IDG As part of the Firefox browser, Firefox Lockwise keeps track of passwords. An orange banner will appear if a password has been leaked, along with the account and password in question, and a link that will take you directly to the account in question. As an example, it showed me a LinkedIn breach that was related to a former work account, which I had already disabled.) Monitor your passwords in Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge 88 will include a Password Monitor that was promised last year. This new service will be free, just like other similar services given by other browser developers. Forgot your password on Microsoft Edge? An advanced password generator and password monitor are on the way from Microsoft Edge. Password monitors for a fee Password managers, which are the most convenient way to handle passwords, have already been reviewed in this space. Below is a list of password managers and their monitoring capabilities.

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What is Discord? How to Log in to Discord

Set up your favorite games using Discord, a new voice and text chat program. However, before you begin chatting or sharing your screen, you must first understand how to log into Discord. This communication technology offers crystal clear audio, support for many servers, a mobile app, and much more. This program is accessible on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and several Android devices. To utilize the server with Discord to share any screen or talk, you must first log in to Discord. Here, we'll show you how to log into Discord and discuss about it. What is discord? Discord is a free voice, video, and chat program designed for teenagers and adults aged 14 and older. Discord can be accessed by logging in or logging out. It was created to bring together game enthusiasts. Discord can be used on a computer or a smartphone by teenagers. They can use the chat to invite their friends or partners to play video or text games with them. They have the ability to send or share a message. They can perform it on their own or in a group. You may also learn how to disable the Discord overlay. My Welding Yard used it to start their online community, and they've been sharing useful welding advice ever since. Discord is a professional and user-friendly platform that has attracted a large number of technical users. Discord isn't like other social media sites like Reddit or Twitter. All chats will be opt-in, so anyone who isn't interested in chatting can use the following tools: • Discover who wants to message you directly • Discover who wants to add you as a partner or friend • Discover what servers you can join • Discover who wants to join your server • Discover the server's security level In this article, you shall learn that how to make a join log in discord; How To Log In Discord Server With PC? Here you can learn that how to log in to discord server with a PC or how to how to make a join log in discord with a PC server. You can use your discord account to connect to your desired server. However, you should first download Discord. Then you'll log in to Discord and sign in. Follow the instructions below to join a discord server on your computer. • You must use the discord browser to connect to a discord server. Enter the URL of the discord server where you wish to log in to discord online. For discord app login, open a web browser and go to • Log in to your Discord account. • On the left side of the column, press the '+' icon. • Press the 'Join a Server' button now. • Copy or paste the invitation URL. Finally, select the 'Join' option. Yes, you have successfully joined the Discord server. Log in Discord Server With Android You can use the instructions below that how to log in discord server with Android, smartphone, or tablet. • First, launch the Discord app on your Android phone, which you may have downloaded or installed. On the screen, press the triple line "icon placed on the left of the top. Now, on the left of the column, click the '+' icon. Join the server using the Invite Link. Last but not least, press the 'Join' button. Discord login With Qr Code You may also utilize the discord login with qr code to connect if you already have the Discord mobile app and wish to login quickly and securely on both the desktop and mobile app! Start by logging into your Discord account on your mobile device to use discord login with qr code. Then, on your Discord mobile app, go to the User Settings menu and select Scan QR Code. Note: In order to scan the QR Code, the software will ask for camera permission on your mobile device! Simply line up the box with the QR code on the screen once the scanner is open, and you'll be asked to authenticate your Discord login on your mobile device. Check to visit this link for further details on the login process. Note: Never authorize a QR code login that was not generated by you! If someone else sent you a QR code that opened the login verification screen, cancel it immediately away. EXPERIMENT WITH A ONE-TIME LOGIN CODE We're currently doing an experiment in which you can enter your email address or phone number and receive an 8-character login code through email or SMS. Once you've received this login code, you can use it to finish the login procedure in the app. Note that this is currently an experiment, and not everyone will be able to participate! Keep an eye out for additional information in the future! Summary Hopefully, this brief guide will aid you with using Discord on an Android phone, as well as a desktop and laptop computer. Also, make sure to check out the best Discord voice changer apps. So, first, download Discord, then sign in and log in. Finally, log into Discord and immediately share talk, or text with your desired buddies.

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Steps and Common Issues when Logging into Your Qualtrics Account

Qualtrics is survey software that can be used for various purposes. Logging into your Qualtrics account is the first step to using the program, but it's not always an easy feat. This blog post will go in-depth on all of the different aspects of logging in, and some common difficulties you may run into while trying to access your Qualtrics account. We all know how frustrating it can be to forget your password or not be able to log back into an account. Logging into Qualtrics is no different, and there are some specific things you should know about before getting started. This post will walk you through the steps of setting up a new account, logging in after you create it, and understanding the differences between an Account Owner and Regular User. If any of these issues come up for you during the process, this article may help! Log in to your Qualtrics account There are different ways you can log into a single or multiple user's accounts. A common problem with the enterprise version of this survey software, as well as one that makes it difficult for new users who may not be used to using such complex programs like Gmail and Google Drive (or Dropbox). Is how they require separate accounts depending on what type/versioning level we have: student pass-only Student Plus Personal Professional Business Continuum 360 plan Home base license key This article helps cover all those potential login issues so even if just looking up some information from my own experience here at work - which was very helpful! Qualtrics Logging Into Your Account Logging into your Qualtrics account is the first step of using Qualtrics, but it can sometimes be challenging if you've forgotten or misplaced your password. This section will walk through the steps of logging in to an existing account and creating a new one. Log In With An Existing Qualtrics Account. If you already have an active account on Qualtrics that you would like to log into , then this strategy may help . First, click "Login" at the top right corner of any page within our website (or navigate directly here: You'll be presented with two options for login: " Sign-in Using Email Address ," which requires entering your email address, or " Sign-in Using SSO ," which requires entering your Username and Password. If you are experiencing difficulties with the first method of login , then please reach out to us at for assistance. Logging into your Qualtrics account if You Do Not Have an Existing Qualtrics One. Creating a new account on Qualtrics is easy! The next step in using this survey software is logging into it. First, head over here:, where you will be presented with two options for Log In: " Log In Using Email Address" or " Log In Using SSO ." If possible, try the latter method because it may help avoid some issues that come with Log In Using Email Address. If you are not able to Log In using SSO, then please reach out to us at for assistance. Create a New Account on Qualtrics If you would like to create an account on our survey software, but do not have one already, the next step is just as easy! The first option of Logging into your Qualtrics account requires creating a Username and Password that will be used in all future logins. To begin this process click here: The second option of Logging into your Qualtrics account after it's created starts by clicking "LOGIN" at the top right corner of (or navigating to You'll be presented with two options for Log In: " Log In Using Email Address" or " Log In Using SSO ." If possible, try the latter method because it may help avoid some issues that come with Log in using an email address. Ways to Log in to your Qualtrics account There are different ways you can log into a single or multiple user's accounts. A common problem with the enterprise version of this survey software, as well as one that makes it difficult for new users who may not be used to using such complex programs like Gmail and Google Drive (or Dropbox), is how they require separate accounts depending on what type/versioning level we have: student pass-only Student Plus Personal Professional Business Continuum 360 plan Home base license key This article helps cover all those potential login issues so even if just looking up some information from my own experience here at work - which was very helpful! Two-step Verification With all the cybersecurity breaches happening and the increasing importance of data privacy, companies have stepped up their security. Two-step verifications are now becoming more common as a way to verify that you're actually who your say in order before accessing sensitive information like customer records or personal account details online for transactions purposes. Many people may not know what this really means so let me explain: when they log into some service (like PayPal) which requires two different types of identification--a password AND something else such as identifying photos printed onto traditional ID cards used by authorities worldwide instead one signature alone will do!--they'll get asked if they want verification too out there through the email address Password Resets Resetting a password is easy! You can do it from anywhere with an internet connection. Reset your lost or forgotten Qualtrics login information in the following ways: 1) If you're using a standard account type, click on "Forgot Your Password?" when prompted during signup and enter new credentials to recover access; 2)For SSO QualtrICS users (enabled by default), always go through the organizational portal instead of coming directly into the home page so that resetting goes unnoticed among other things being accessed at the same time-- this will avoid possible data leaks.

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Pinterest Login Problems- Can't Log In To My Pinterest Account

Pinterest is a visual version of the social bookmarking service, with an online pinboard. Unlike other social bookmarking services like Digg and Stumble Upon, Pinterest's content is solely driven by images. Log in to your account, whether it's personal or professional. Click to enter your email address and password. Continuation on Facebook or Continuation on Google Log in by clicking the Login button. If you're experiencing Pinterest Login Problems, check out this page to see what best fits your situation. Do You Have Pinterest Login Issues? I'm having trouble logging into Pinterest. Here are a handful of the most common issues, as well as solutions. Here are a few of the most common problems and how to fix them. If you're experiencing difficulties logging into your Pinterest account, here's what you should do. Email Issues the email address used to create your account is the first thing displayed in the settings. Pinterest will assist you if you're having difficulties checking in and have forgotten your email address. Go to and input your username, name, or any other email address you used to create the account. The hint will be visible in your profile picture. You can use the advice to recover your account or reset your password. Can't Log In To Pinterest? Can’t login to Pinterest account or Problems with passwords if you forget yours. Pinterest can email you a link that will allow you to establish a new password. You can obtain a password reset by visiting and searching for your username, name, or email address. Then choose your account and look for a password reset email in your inbox. Enter a new password by clicking the link in the email. You won't be able to use a password you've previously used to reset your password, and you'll have to log in on all of your Pinterest devices anew. If you have a password-protected account, Pinterest will send you an email to reset your password. It will lock you out if they find questionable activity on your account. Logins from unexpected places, many logins in a short period, and spam-like behavior are all examples of suspicious behavior. To recover access to your account, reset your password. You can utilize it if you have a linked account. Why You Can't I Log Into Pinterest With Google? When you try to log in after your account has been suspended, you'll get an error message. You may have broken Pinterest's Acceptable Use Policy. These regulations help keep the site secure and reliable and determine what types of content are permitted. Logging in with Facebook or Google If, you're having difficulties logging into Pinterest with your Facebook or Google account, check your Google or Facebook settings. Check to see if you're logged into the correct version one that's linked to Pinterest. Also, make sure your browser enables popup windows, as this might occasionally prevent login prompts from appearing. Then try using your email and password to log in. I Inadvertently Created a Pinterest Account. If your page suddenly seems different, you may have created a new account by accident. Log out of your account and then follow the steps to reset your password. If the new version was created with an email address, you could deactivate it by logging back in. If you made it with a Google or Facebook account, go to the website settings and separate the old and new versions. Reactivate your account. If you wish to use Pinterest again after canceling your account, simply log in. You must check-in with the email address associated with your Pinterest account to reactivate it. If you don't have access to your email, create a new account. Reactivate Your Account Pinterest Account Use your email address and password to log in. Enter the email address and password for the account you'd like to reactivate. You can reset your password if you don't remember it. Log in by clicking the Login button And use Facebook to log in. If you have Pinterest Login Issues then login Pinterest for more information. Continue with Facebook by clicking the button. Enter your Facebook account's email address and password. Click Continue Use Google to log in. Visit the Pinterest website/login for more information. Continue with Google by clicking the button. Click next after entering your email address. Click "Log in" after entering your email address and password. You can change your password if you forget it. If you haven't received an email from us, check your spam or garbage bin. If you use Gmail, you might find our message on the "Social" tab. If your account was permanently closed, you could only log in to reactivate it within 14 days. To access your menu, click the directional chevron down icon in the top-right corner of the screen. To log out, click the Log Out button. If you're not sure if you have a Pinterest account, you can create one by following the steps outlined in this article. Conclusion Following the procedures in this tutorial, you can also create a business account. To open your menu, click the directional chevron down icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Log out by clicking the "Log out" button. If you're not sure if you have a Pinterest account, you can create one by following the steps outlined in this article. You can also create a business account using the instructions in this post. To learn more visit our website.

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Introduction Save your account’s information from the hands of scammers. To do that you have to get two-factor authentication (2FA). After the Heartbleed bug exposed millions of internet logins to the scammers, the situation was pretty tight, all because of one tiny code that has made our security nightmares worse. As an average internet user, you should use your passwords often. There are methods of authentication that scoops up a variety of methods. But what you need is a second way to verify yourself and that is a two-factor verification. People instead of uttering this big name, often call it 2FA, which is used interchangeably with terms like “two-step” and “two-verification”. There are three recognized factors for authentication, we know them as password, cell phone or hardware token, and fingerprint. A special thanks to Apple’s Face ID and Windows Hello for introducing biometric scanners for retinas and fingerprints. But in most cases, the authentication holds a numeric code. digits , generally sent to your phone number and allowed to be used only once for online protection. In this article we will be covering what is Two-Factor Authentication and how to use it. Read the article till the end to know about 2FA properly. What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication is a security code that goes through a security process where the users are given two different types of authentication factors to verify their identity. It has gained some names like two-step verification or dual-factor authentication. This is to protect users’ credentials as well as internet safety and let the user access resources. The 2FA is a higher-level security system than a single-factor security system which is less authenticated. In single-factor authentication, users only have one factor, a password or a passcode. Two-factor authentication asks a user to provide a password at the first factor and another at the second different factor. Which is generally a security token a biometric such as scanning fingerprints or face. This particular authentication adds an additional security layer to the authentication process to make it hard to crank by the hackers; if the password is known to him, it will not be enough for the authentication check. It has been used for a long time to protect the systems and data. Online service providers are dependent on 2FA to protect their data from hackers. You can also check: Online News Buzz, Tour & Travel Blog, Dream Land Estate, Dream & Travel, Online Marketing Tools. Two - Factor Authentication - Factors There are plenty of ways through which anyone can be authenticated with more than one authentication method. Almost all authentication methods rely on knowledge factors, such as passwords. check web hosting. This factor is listed for adoption of computing and others such as: A Knowledge Factor This is something the user is familiar with because it asks for a password, PIN or some other information. A Possession Factor This factor has users’ ID cards, tokens, mobile phones, and apps, for getting the authentication request approved. A Biometric Factor This factor inherits the users physical self, these are personal attributes they ask for mapping the physical characteristics, retina scan, fingerprints, A Location Factor This factor deals with the location from which the authentication has been requested.i5t tracks the geographic source of an authentication request with the help Internet Protocol address. Read more: Social Media Magazine, Search Engine Magazine, Blog Stellar, Real Wealth Business. Two Factor Authentication- How Does It Work? After enabling the two-factor authentication it depends on a certain application or vendor. It has multi steps, such as : The user will be asked to log in to the application or website. They will have to enter their basic identity information like name, age, address, phone number, email ID so that the site can recognize the user. This process does not need any password as it will generate an unbreakable security key, which is enough for a site server to validate you. Then the user has to log in but he or she has to show something that only they have, a security token, a smartphone. After the factors are provided the user now can easily access the application with authenticity and guarantee. It also provides cyber security tips. Two- Factor Authentication- How To Set It Up? With 2AF authentication, you can cover your data with another layer of security, if it is stolen. After 2AF setup, sign in to your account with the given steps. Your password which you know. Your phone which you have. Turn The 2AF Authentication Open Google Account. Select “security” in the navigation panel. There will be two options that you will have to go through, select the “2 step verification” then “get started”. These options are under t”signing into Google”. Follow the steps. After turning it on, you will complete the second step which is asking for your verification while signing in. Wrapping It All Up Here you go knowing all about what a 2AF authentication is, how does it work, factors, and how to set it up. We have covered things that are enough for you to understand and apply the two-factor authentication. Also check: Mashum Mollah, Sb News Room, Finance Team, Emblem Wealth. If your account is associated with your workplace then ask for help from the administrator. Leave a comment down in the comment section and add any new steps that you have discovered. We will be glad to add that in this article. Author Bio Alisha Jones is an online entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. She is on a mission to help digital businesses grow online. She shares her journey, insights, and experiences at Online Health Media & Tech Trends Pro & Follow The Fashion & Wp Blogger Tips & Tech Net Deals. If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you.

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