OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (2023)





Quest Requirements:

Must have completed Biohazard Quest.

Skill/Other Requirements:

Level 25 Ranged.
Must beat three level 91 demons.
Good Thieving and Agility is an advantage.

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

Legends Quest

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Bow, Arrows (except Broad arrows), Spade, Tinderbox, Ropes (at least three to save you a tiny bit of time), Armour, Weapon, and Lots of food.

(Video) [Quick Guide] Underground pass

(Note: You might want to take a bow and arrows that you do not mind dropping. After certain points you will not need them again, and inventory space can get pretty low).

Items Needed to Complete Quest:


Items Recommended for Quest:

Teleportation runes to leave the dungeon quickly and 750 coins.

Items Acquired During Quest:

Damp cloths, Fire arrows (unlit), Fire arrows (lit), Plank, Old journal, 4 Orbs of light, Piece of railing, Unicorn horn (Underground Pass), 3 Paladin's badges, 2 Meat pies, Meat pizza, Witch's cat, Doll of iban, History of iban, Restore potion (3), Super attack potion(3), Klank's gauntlets, Tinderbox, Bucket, Dwarf brew, Iban's ashes, Amulet of doomion, Amulet of holthion, Amulet of othainian, Iban's shadow, Iban's dove, Zamorak robe (top), Zamorak robe (bottom), 30 Fire runes, 15 Death runes, Iban's staff.

Quest Points:



3000 Agility xp, 3000 Attack xp, Staff of Iban, 15 Death runes, 30 Fire runes, the right to use Iban Blast and access to the Underground pass.

Start Point:

East Ardougne.

To Start:

Speak to King Lathas


(Video) Underground Pass - OSRS 2007 - Easy Old School Runescape Quest Guide

  1. To start, talk to King Lathas who is on the second floor of the Paladin Castle in Ardougne. He describes the quest and directs you to his scout in West Ardougne.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (1)

  2. Head to West Ardougne, walk through the gates and go as far west as you can go and you should find Koftik; talk to him and then enter the cave near him.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (2)

  3. Now, here there are 2 choices. If you brought 2 ropes, you can use one rope on one of the stalactites, or you can use Agility to climb over the rocks. I recommend climbing the rockslides.
  4. On the other side of swamp you meet Koftik again, talk to him and you get a damp cloth. Use it on the arrows you brought to get a fire arrow. Talk to him again to get another damp cloth and wrap it around the other arrows. Repeat until you have about 10 fire arrows. Use these arrows on the fire nearby to set them alight.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (3)

  5. Now, go around the cliff to the east and then go north. You should be behind a fence, try shooting at the guide ropes that hold the bridge up. When you hit it you are automatically taken across it. Positioning is critical when shooting at ropes: you should be at fence in center of the length of the fence.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (4)

  6. Now head north and pick up the plank that is guarded by blessed spiders then head south and follow the path which curves around to the east.
  7. At a split in the path, the south side is a swamp and the north side is a gap. Use your rope on the pole-shaped rock above the gap to get across. [If you fail this obstacle, you will lose your rope and find yourself thrown into the "washout" dungeon. The sole path out of the "washout" dungeon forces you to cross numerous rockslides and then dumps you at the entrance to the underground path. At the very least, you will need another rope, since you lost yours on this obstacle.] Follow the path east and then south, climbing over a rockslide in a small alley. In the next area, climb west over another rockslide.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (5)

  8. Now you should find Koftik, talk to him and you will find that he is slowly being possessed.
  9. Here is the grid area. The safe path to cross the grid is different for each player, so experimentation is required to find the successful path which can be used for all future crossings. What worked for someone else may not work for you. The illustration here is just an example and will not work for everyone!! Write down your successful path as it will stay the same for you every time you come here. Every time you hit a bad square, you will fall through to the rocks below and take damage. If you fall, climb back up on the protruding rocks or you will continue to receive hits.
    The trial-and-error method to find a way across is...
    >Find the block you can stand on in the first row.
    >Then try path 2 (straight across).
    >If that doesn't work, position yourself in the closest corner of your working square exactly diagonal to the square you want to go to (each grid square is composed of four Runescape walking squares. If you don't get into the corner first, when you click on a diagonal square the game will walk you through a square that you already know doesn't work, and you'll be on the rocks again!) Then click on the diagonal square you wish to try (path 1 or 3).

    Once you find one of those that work (path 3 in the illustrated example), try again path 2 (straight), 1, or 3.

    Continue this process until you find a safe path across.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (6)

  10. Once across, pull the lever next to the portcullis. It will open and automatically take you through. There are zombies and a furnace in this area. To the north-northwest is a one-way shortcut pipe that takes you back to before the rope-swing gap; you cannot use it to get back here. The west alley contains five spike traps; either run through if you are not very good at thieving, or try to search the odd markings and disarm the traps.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (7)

  11. After the traps, there is a room with a well in the middle, as well as an old journal spawn and an altar. If you turn on prayers such as 2x hp restore and others, and keep recharging your prayer here, you can return to full health while conserving your food for later efforts. The first part is quite easy, go up the north road and notice there are flat rocks on the floor. Use the plank on the flat rocks to cross until you get to the orb of light, pick it up then return to the well.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (8)

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (9)

  12. Run across the northwest path trying not to get hit by the enemies, pick up the orb of light and return to the well.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (10)

  13. The west path is the same as the north path, just use your plank on the flat rocks, pick up the orb of light and return to the well.
  14. This is the easiest path, the southwest path. Search the flat stone under the orb, when you try to pick up the orb of light it will ask you if you want to disarm it. If you fail you will be damaged by a swinging log. When you have the orb return back to the well.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (11)

  15. Now either run back across the path with the strange markings or search the odd markings and disarm the traps to return to the room with the zombies. Use all the orbs with the furnace and then go back to the room with the well by either disarming the traps or running.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (12)

  16. Climb down the well and search the crates nearby, one will contain some food. Now run across the path to get to some cages, pick lock the cage to the southeast. Use the spade on the mud to get through a tunnel.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (13)

    (Video) Runescape 2007 Underground Pass Quest Guide

  17. Head west and then cross the ledge south to get to another hard part. If you are a level 50+ thief then pick lock the gate and run east through the swamp past the rats to the other gate. Or, if you are a bad thief, then you need to cross the stone bridges to get to the other end. Falling off the stone bridges causes damage, and then you must follow a clear path back to the beginning of the stone bridges to try again. However, if you take the gate path once past the door, make your way through the swamp but sure you DON'T step on the bubbles or you'll have to start back at the beginning. That's right, you are suddenly starting over, outside the Underground Pass! This might be a good time to bank to replace all the food you spent on the grid since you'll know the correct path to follow this time.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (14)

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (15)

  18. Follow the path south and go through the obstacle pipe.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (16)

  19. Search the Unicorn Cage for a railing. Go around to where the boulder is.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (17)

  20. Use the Railing Pipe to move the boulder. Go back to the unicorn cage and search it for the unicorn horn.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (18)

  21. Now enter the tunnel nearby.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (19)

  22. Continue down the path past Zombies.
  23. Talk to Carl the Paladin or Sir Jerro, he gives you food and a prayer potion. Then slaughter all three of the paladins to get the three Paladin badges (red, green and blue).

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (20)

  24. Continue down the path and use the Plank on the flat rock to disarm it.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (21)

  25. Use the Unicorn horn and Crests on the well and go through the door. (Note this is the well you use your Iban Staff on to recharge it once you have finished the quest and have used all the charges).

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (22)

  26. You are on second level of the Underground Pass dungeon (see Underground Pass Map). Head as far south as you can and look at the south wall to find a small staircase leading down. Once you're down, walk a bit to the west to find three dwarves in a small fenced area with two buildings. Talk to Niloof who will give you some food and mentions of a witch that knows Iban's secrets.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (23)

  27. Now return to the second level of the dungeon by climbing upstairs. Head a little to the south-east where you can see a house, from there walk a little north where you can jump over a bridge. Walk along it and take the first turn south to find Kardia's house. Search the window and you'll hear her talking to herself about her missing cat.

    Note: Do not attempt to open the door or you will take a hit causing up to 20 lifepoints damage.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (24)

  28. Head north, take a left, hop across the gap, then take the north branch of the path. Follow it until you find the cat - denoted by a yellow dot on your minimap. Pick up the cat and return to witch's house again.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (25)

  29. Use the cat on the door. You will automatically hide while she answers the door]; while she is playing with the cat, enter and search the chest near the door. You will find the Iban doll, an old journal, a stat restore potion and a super attack potion.
  30. From the witch's house, go north, west, and then south to the three demons (see Underground Pass Map). Kill them and get their Amulets. Open the nearby Chest and get the Iban's shadow. Smear it on the Doll.

    Note: If you are a low level or are using range or magic, there are safespots for killing the demons by standing on the narrow pathways.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (26)

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (27)

    (Video) [OSRS] Underground pass quest guide

  31. When you go back to dwarves (or if you fall you're at the dwarves), you should end in a HUGE open area. Go to the southwest for some Dwarves. After you've got the Witch's items, talk to all the dwarfs, Klank will give you Klank's Gauntlets and a Tinderbox. Take the Bucket. Empty the single indoor barrel in the house for Dwarf Brew. You can also get unlimited food from the drunken dwarf near Klank.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (28)

  32. Go to the southeast part of this cavern to Iban's Tomb. Don't search it or you will take damage. Use the Dwarf brew on it and set it on fire with a Tinderbox. Take Iban's ashes and smear it on the Doll. You can now drop your Tinderbox and the Bucket.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (29)

  33. Go northeast into a canyon of spiders. At the north end of this area kill the HUGE spider (level 89). The blood automatically gets smeared on the Doll.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (30)

  34. There is another set of stairs to the west of the spiders; these stairs will take you directly to the Soulless cage area for the next step.
  35. Go all the way northwest of the Maze. Wear Klank's Gauntlets, and Search Cages. The Soulless will bite you, but will fail because you're wearing nice Gauntlets. =) The cage that contains Iban's dove is very hard to find but keep at it and you should find it. Use Iban's dove with the Doll and you now have a Doll that is ready for the Final Battle

    Note: when looking for Iban's dove, remember to look in both parts there are two parts with cages one northwestern (in the corner) and another a little more south from there...

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (31)

  36. Now get ready for the Final Battle. Head to the middle of the maze and kill some Iban Disciples to obtain Zamorak robes. Remove any weapons and armor, then equip the robes and go inside the temple.

    Note: Before entering the temple, make sure that you have 3 inventory slots free or you may lose part of your reward (the Iban Staff, Death runes and Fire runes) since you are immediately teleported out of the room. If you need food Klank will sell some to you.

  37. Iban will see you have the only weapon to destroy him, the complete Doll. He will blast spells at you! (Which looks like monster legs coming up from the floor).
  38. Run towards him, hopefully dodging the shots, and throw the Doll into the Well. Iban will die. Stay there it will take a little while for blasts to stop after you successfully throw Doll in well.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (32)

  39. You will be transported to an underground area (this is why you need those empty spots in your inventory: you will not have time to eat and will miss your reward if you don't have empty spots!) Talk to the helper again and he'll take you outside.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (33)

  40. Go back to King Lathas and report that Iban is dead. You can keep Klank's Gauntlets.

    OSRS Underground Pass - RuneScape Guide (34)

    Some time after you have completed this Quest, King Lathas will send a courier to you with a message. This will allow you to begin the Regicide Quest.

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How do you get past underground pass Osrs? ›

  1. When you are ready to enter the Underground Pass, head to West Ardougne, and enter the cave.
  2. Inside the cave, you will see three distinctive paths. ...
  3. Right ahead, you should see a bridge and Koftik. ...
  4. Once you have the cloth, use it on your arrows, and then use the arrows on the fire.

What do I need to get through the underground pass? ›

Today. We will be completing the quest underground path the quest requirement is biohazard. And a

Can you skip underground pass Osrs? ›

Did you know: There is a crevice by the Underground Pass that allows you to skip to the end for 15k (no req)?

How do you get through the underground pass in rs3? ›

Use a rope with the "old spike" on your side of the pit to create a rope balance that you can walk across. Crossing the chasm. If you fail: you'll fall into a pit and have to climb up, then start again from the very beginning of the pass. To get out of the pit, look for rockslides you can climb over.

Do you need 50 agility for Underground Pass? ›

50+ Agility to reduce the chance of failing obstacles. 50 Thieving for a helpful shortcut. Weapon or combat spells. Using the bow is recommended if you need to save inventory space.

Is there a shortcut through the Underground Pass? ›

The pipe is a one-way Agility shortcut in the Underground Pass that requires 1 Agility and rewards 3 Agility experience. It allows the player to return to the previous section of the Underground pass before the grid and rope jump from the furnace area.

Do you need 50 Thieving for Underground Pass Osrs? ›

Needed skills:

Ability to kill 3 level 91 demons. A decent Thieving and Agility level (40-50+) is recommended.

How much can you boost agility Osrs? ›

The maximum boost is 5, from summer pies. You can also boost 5 with spicy stews, but that's a lot harder to get.

How do I charge Iban staff? ›

Recharging. An Iban's staff or its upgraded variant can be recharged for free by using it on the well where the paladin's badges are dropped, in the Underground Pass.

Is Underground Pass an instance? ›

The entire Underground Pass quest now takes place in an instance. Koftik no longer appears in multiple locations inside the dungeon, during the quest.

How do you get Iban staff Osrs? ›

Iban's staff is a staff used to cast Iban Blast. It is obtained by defeating the evil mage Lord Iban at the end of the Underground Pass quest. Iban's staff requires 50 Magic and 50 Attack to wield. Casting Iban Blast on a monster consumes one charge from the staff and casting it on another player consumes two charges.

How do I get into the death altar? ›

As with most other runic altars, it can either be accessed via the Abyss or the mysterious ruins found on the bottom level of the Temple of Light. To enter the mysterious ruins, players either have to use a death talisman on the ruins, or click "Enter" on the ruins while wearing a death tiara.

How do you get to haunted mine Osrs? ›

The fastest way to reach the Haunted Mine is by teleporting to Mort'ton with a Mort'ton teleport scroll (which is tradeable), or a Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport, which requires completion of the Shades of Mort'ton quest. A significantly cheaper but slightly slower option is to use a Barrows Teleport tablet.

How do I get into the death altar? ›

As with most other runic altars, it can either be accessed via the Abyss or the mysterious ruins found on the bottom level of the Temple of Light. To enter the mysterious ruins, players either have to use a death talisman on the ruins, or click "Enter" on the ruins while wearing a death tiara.

How do you get Iban's staff Osrs? ›

The staff is obtained by defeating the evil mage Iban at the end of Underground Pass. Iban's staff requires 50 Magic and 50 Attack to wield. Iban's staff is required to cast Iban Blast. The maximum hit with Iban Blast is 25, making it excellent for low-level player killing and Barrows.

How do you get into the watchtower Osrs? ›

Make your way to the Watchtower just north of Yanille. Climb the trellis on the northern side of the tower. Then, climb up the ladder and talk to the Watchtower wizard.


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