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Firemaking is one of the fastest skills to train on OSRS, but it does not have a ton of use. So getting over it fast or getting the most out of training the skill is crucial. There are a lot of ways to train firemaking Old School Runescape. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best, fastest, and most profitable methods to train this skill and get to level 99 quickly and easily.

We also take into account that ironman accounts might be reading, so we will dedicate a chapter to that type of playing style as well.

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Starting out

When you start training a skill, you always have the option to just get to grinding from level one or start questing. If you want to get to 99 in this skill asap, then just starting out with burning pyre logs is the optimal method. However, if you are going for maximum efficiency overall, then you should do quests. We will discuss both ways of starting to train your firemaking in OSRS.

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Training firemaking with questing

There are a few quests you can do to get firemaking experience. If you are starting out from level 1, I will follow this order for my quests. You will need to do some regular training in between. So take that into account.

Heroes Quest – The quest gives you a 1575 firemaking experience if you complete it. You can do this quest at level one. The Heroes quest does have steep requirements like 55 quest points, 53 cooking, 53 fishing, 25 herblore, and 50 mining.

The Giant dwarf – You need to have level 16 firemaking to start this quest. You get 1500 exp for successfully completing it. Additionally, you need 12 crafting, 33 magic, and 14 thieving.

Enlightened journey – Another quest you can do at a low firemaking level is Enlightened Journey. To do this quest, you need to have 20 firemaking, 20 quest points, 30 farming, and 36 crafting. You get 4000 firemaking exp to do this quest.

Enakhra’s Lament – This quest will give you 7000 firemaking exp. However, you do need to have 45 firemaking to do this quest. You also need 50 crafting, 43 prayer, 39 magic, and 45 mining.

Making Friends with My Arm – This is a quest you will have to do a bit later while leveling. You need to have 66 firemaking, 35 construction, 72 mining, and 68 agility.

It is not recommended to use your exp lamps on an easy and quick skill to train, like firemaking. Use your lamps for agility or runecrafting instead, as those are far slower and more boring to train.

Level 1 to 30: pyre logs

This assumes you have done the shades of mort’ton quest. This gives you the ability to use sacred oil on logs to make pyre logs. The pyre logs offer you the fastest exp an hour you can get at this level.

This is due to the fact that you can burn higher-level logs. This makes it a lot faster than training 1 to 30 on normal logs. Creating a pyre log goes just as fast as you can click. So the method is very dependent on your concentration and ability to click fast and accurately.

An average person who is playing casually can get around 40k to 45k exp an hour. This includes banking and clicking. If you go as fast as you can and concentrate on making pyre logs as fast as possible, you can get up to 65k exp an hour.

Level 1 to 99 OSRS Firemaking guide - Best methods [2022] - OSRS Boss (2)

Regular logs and oak logs: 1 to 30

If you have not done shades of Mort’ton and aren’t in the mood for quests, you can go Old school. You can burn all the way to level 30 or level 99. Burning logs is pretty fast, and it scales really well after level 30, thanks to the large variety of logs you can choose from to burn. I will discuss training your firemaking with regular logs to level 99 in the next chapter.

There are two great places in F2P where you can burn your logs. The best spot is in the Grand Exchange since there is a ton of space next to the bank, and you do an entire inventory without any problem. The other place I really like is Edgeville. Start behind the bank at the river bank and start burning your logs. One inventory should bring you just to the edge of the town, and you can bank quickly and start over.

A player that is fully efficient will burn around 1500 logs an hour. However, a more realistic amount to burn is 1300 logs an hour.

LevelLogExp an hourLogs neededGp per exp
1 to 15Normal logs55 000 exp611.1 gp per exp
15 to 30Oak logs88 000 exp1831.8 gp per exp

Level 30 to 50 firemaking – burning logs

After you reach level 30 by burning pyre logs, doing quests, or burning regular logs, the fastest way to get to 50 is by burning logs with a tinderbox. At level 50, you have the choice to do Wintertodt or keep on burning logs. Of course, you can always combine the two methods and switch them up to keep sane.

These are the logs and the number of logs you need to burn to get to level 50 firemaking on OSRS, assuming you start from level 30. This is the fastest way to get to level 50 in the game.

LevelLogExp per logExp per hourLogs neededGp per exp
Level 30 to 35Willow log90113 5001010.2
Level 35 to 42Teak log105155 4002212.2
Level 42 to 45Arctic Pine125183 0001284.26
Level 45 to 50Maple logs135200 0002950.07

As you see, you easily get up to 110k firemaking exp when burning willows without it breaking the bank. You can burn these to level 45 and then switch to maple logs if you are on a budget.

Maple logs are even better than Willow logs considering the lower cost and higher exp an hour. After level 50, you can start training your firemaking in Wintertodt, but also just keep on burning logs to 99.

Training firemaking from level 50 to 99 in OSRS

Generally speaking, you have two viable ways to get to 99 firemaking in Old School Runescape fast. These are Wintertodt and burning logs. I prefer to do Wintertodt since it is pretty fast and still enjoyable. However, if you want to get your skill cape as fast as possible, you can do this by burning the best logs you can.

Level 1 to 99 OSRS Firemaking guide - Best methods [2022] - OSRS Boss (3)

Getting 99 firemaking with Wintertodt

Subduing the Wintertodt is a profitable and quite fast way to train your firemaking. You need to have level 50 to fight this monster. You can do this starting at level 3 combat. It is strongly advised you go to one of the Wintertodt worlds. The official worlds are 307, 309, 311, and 389. An average Wintertodt game takes about 4 to 5 minutes.

The goal is to light a brazier and burn it by chopping Burma roots. You can train your firemaking, woodcutting, and fletching here all at the same time. It is a good idea to have a fast teleporting method to your house and an ornate pool to get your hitpoints back up.

You can get some extra exp during the rounds by doing other activities. These are, for example, training your herblore, fletching darts, high alch, or burning logs. Going from 50 to 99 firemaking will take about 40 hours and 600 rounds if you win every round and concentrate on what you are doing.

These are the exp rates you can expect to get at Wintertodt. This does not include the woodcutting experience you can get here. The exp you get for burning logs and winning a round scales with your level.

Firemaking levelExperience an hour
Level 50160 000 exp/hr
Level 60195 000 exp/hr
Level 70220 000 exp/hr
Level 80250 000 exp/hr
Level 90290 000 exp/hr
Level 99325 000 exp/hr

Tip: Fletching the logs is a waste of time. To get the optimal exp an hour, you just throw the logs into the brazier. Fletching logs is only good for rewards to get to the 500 point threshold.

Thanks to those rewards, you can make quite a bit of money doing this method of training as opposed to burning logs which will cost you money.

On average, you can get 10k exp in woodcutting an hour at level 50 and 20k at level 99 woodcutting. If you are interested in training your woodcutting, check out our 1 to 99 woodcutting guide.

Level 1 to 99 OSRS Firemaking guide - Best methods [2022] - OSRS Boss (4)

Burning logs to 99

The fastest way to get to 99 firemaking in OSRS is by burning the best possible logs. Training this skill is extremely fast, up to 500k exp an hour, but it is rather boring to train.

It is good to alternate training by doing Wintertodt and burning logs. This will give you a good time training and won’t burn you out. (pun intended)

LevelLogExp per logExp per hourLogs neededGp per exp
Level 50 to 60Mahogany logs157.5230k10952.8
Level 60 to 75Yew logs202.5300k46260.95
Level 75 to 90Magic logs303.8450k136143
Level 90 to 99Redwood logs350520k21,9661

If you are on a budget, it might be a good idea to skip burning Mahogany and magic logs. These are pretty expensive to burn. On the other hand, Redwoods, Yews, and Maple are all a lot more affordable than those logs and still offer a good amount of experience.

Conclusion of this OSRS Firemaking guide

Firemaking is a useless skill in OSRS, but fortunately, it is straightforward to train and can get you some profit. For example, getting up to 99 can be done in under 25 hours if you burn logs and around 45 hours doing Wintertodt.

This skill is one of the most accessible skills to get a skillcape in quickly. Thanks to Wintertodt as a training method for ironman, you can get a ton of supplies early when grinding your account in the minigame.

OSRS Firemaking guide FAQ

What is the best way to train firemaking in F2P?

The best and only way to train this skill in F2P is burning logs. For example, you can burn the following logs in F2P.
– Normal logs at level 1
– Oak logs at level 15
– Willow logs at level 30
– Maple logs at level 45
– Yew logs at level 60
This makes it one of the fastest, if not the fastest, skill in F2P to train and get a 99 in. Even as a non-member, you can get over 300k exp an hour. You can burn Maple logs in F2P, and you can get 99 for under 500k burning these logs.

What is the best way to train firemaking on an Ironman account in OSRS?

The best way to train your firemaking skill on an ironman account in OSRS is by doing the Wintertodt minigame. This will not cost you any logs or money, and you will get very useful supply crates that will help you in training skills like cooking and herblore.
Burning logs is not an optimal way to train firemaking on an ironman account since these are better used to train your fletching level up.

How can I get a firemaking pet in OSRS?

To get a firemaking pet in OSRS, you need a Phoenix from a supply crate. Unfortunately, you can only get those at Wintertodt. So doing a lot of wintertodt games for supply crates is the only way to get yourself the firemaking pet in Old School Runescape.

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